At RGB Services, we provide high quality ink and toner across the nation and partner with our clients to deliver unparalleled customer service. 

Quality Products


Customer Service

Cost Saving


RGB Service Ink provides ink and toner for your printers and copiers at a fraction of the price. Our Eco-friendly recycled cartridges are compatible with almost any machine, large or small, and they guarantee quality performance. No matter the size of your business or the number of machines, RGB Service Ink can offer a print program tailored specifically for your business.

We thrive on our relationships and are always looking to provide a prompt and easy customer experience.

We provide Same-Day Shipping, Order Confirmation, and tracking on every order.

Compared to major brick and mortar and online retailers, our customer’s typically see 30%-50% savings. Through our seamless ordering process and drop-shipping program we deliver products right to your door putting money back in your pocket!